Bush Letters Sent to the Wrong Email Address (So Many Internets to Choose From!)

GeorgeWBush.org has posted email sent to addresses at georgewbush.org intended for addresses at georgewbush.com, including interoffice missives and media strategy memos ("I'd suggest an op-ed piece written by a 'friend' that exposes the injustice of these attacks on a local family owned business."). Conspiracy theorists will find plenty of fodder for 527 coordinating activity and identity thieves will find plenty of Social Security numbers. We, of course, are most interested in the back-and-forth among BC04 staffers about how hot the Bush girls are (Of Barb: "She and I would look good together…") and a surprisingly uninformed discussion about how one ingests crack:

Hack 1: Crack is supposed to be smoked?

Hack 2: Would you have rather him said "Mr. Rodriguez is wiping crack."?

Hack 1: I was just trying to educate myself.

Yes, it's good to see the young Republicans moving beyond the more familiar powdered form. . .

Dead Letter Office [WhiteHouse.org]


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