Bush Makes Surprise Inspection! Hide the Booze, Iraq!

bushmaliki.jpgPlease don't shoot us!

Bush made a surprise, unannounced visit to Baghdad to meet with the new Prime Minister. Who had no idea he was coming. Bush is like the health department of Iraq, he didn't give 'em any time to clean up the rodent droppings and limbs! We hear you can't even get from the airport to the green zone without falling victim to improperly-washed hands and/or an IED.

Lingering questions: Won't a surprise Bush visit basically mark new prime minister Nuri al-Maliki as a tool? It's like pinning a target to his back -- Bush is willing to respect the wishes of Republican congressional candidates wishing to distance themselves from him, and it's not like their lives are at risk. If we were Maliki, we'd be "really, really busy" when the American President came a-calling. Also, why do they have to do this stuff when we're so hungover? Why can't they break news in the afternoon for once?

Bush makes surprise visit to Baghdad [CNN]


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