Bush Masters Obvious

Bush has pronounced the Katrina relief effortsresults* "not acceptable." Hey, "BREAKING"!

WonkDad wrote last night to observe, "What the fuck are W's handlers thinking? They really stepped on their dicks sending the poor guy out with a 'this will make us stronger' speech and a grin." So at least they've removed their feet from the penises. But you know, the GOP could ensure Republican dominance to the end of the century if instead of heading to the airport, George Bush took Marine One to the Convention Center and just started handing out water. Democrat black vote? What Democratic black vote.

In other news, Bush observed that the damage looked "really bad."

Hurricane Katrina relief efforts unacceptable-Bush [Rueters]

*UPDATE: Someone wrote in to point out that, surely, Bush didn't mean that the "efforts" were unacceptable, seeing as how he keeps telling Mike Brown what a great job he's doing. Clearly, it's just the results that are the problem. Clearly.


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