Bush News Conference

The definite highlight of this morning's news conference is the little Freudian slip: "Saddamosama." That's good stuff. Worth a chuckle. It calls to mind a Skull Island beastie that would terrify the daylights out of Jack Black as it stoned Naomi Watts to death in a disused soccer stadium.

And yet, when the President wonders aloud about last Friday's vote on the Patriot Act, we're surprised he wants an answer from lawmakers as to why they voted for the act after September 11 in overwhelming numbers only to successfully filibuster it four years later. The answer is obvious to us--the Senate was covering their ass then, and they're covering their ass now.

This consistency may be lost on the President, but he still had the wherewithal to sum up the existence of the Legislative Branch by making a stunningly extraordinary statement -- that it's the very practice of "an open debate on the law" that aids and abets "the enemy." Hey, he may be right. Whenever we listen to the Congress engage in an "open" "debate" on the "law", we can only conclude that we are hearing the same thing the enemy hears: a few hundred politicians who are run-down-their-own-grandmother-in-the-road desperate to keep their jobs at all costs.

Seems to us, that's probably what the terrorists are counting on.

PS: Don't think it doesn't depress us to listen to the press corps fail to hold the President's feet to the fire over the distinctions between "monitoring" and "detecting" and FISA Courts versus spying without oversight. Today must be the season premiere of "Skating With Celebrities."


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