Bush on Iraq, Return of the Speech About Iraq Strikes Back

PeroratethisA Wonkette operative on the scene sums up the President's latest Iraq speech (number three for those keeping count):

Real news:

estimates that 30,000 Iraqis have been killed since March 2003 "incursion" (but, but, I thought it was "liberation"???)

condemns torture of Sunnis in secret Iraqi prisons (that's our job!)

Wonkette news:

"Look, I recognize we got an image issue, particularly when you got Arabic television stations that are constantly just pounding America, you know..." Our image issue, apparently, is that we're the bottom.

"That's what I tried to say in my peroration in this speech. That's a long word. I'm doing it for Senator Specter. (LAUGHTER) Just showing off, Senator. Just trying to look good in front of the folks here at home." That word-a-day calendar is certainly coming in handy.

[REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque ]

Hey, we looked it up! And, sir, if you're going to show off by talking about ending something, we have some more relevant issues you could address...


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