Bush Presses Putin: I Said Yes My Love Yes

We're so bored we actually live-blogged Bush & Putin's press conference:

· Oooh, Bush really is in some place called Bratislava!

· CNN might want to work on this whole thing called "translating" when the Ruskie dude talks. The Fox dude is translating like a Siberian labor-camp worker with a gun held to his head.

· Today's topic: something about putting away their missles?

· Hey, what's CNN WH correspondent John King doing there asking questions? I've never seen him without the WH backdrop. And why is he wearing clothes? Will he never get nekkid?

· Bush declares his love for Putin: "When he says yes he means yes." It's a sexy breakthrough in diplomatic relations! And clearly they like to cuddle: "Yes meant yes when we talked about values that we share," says George.

· And so on: they share the values of yes meaning yes! It's great that they have that in common.

· "It seems you have nothing to disagree about," says (kinda hot!) foreign journalist who hijacks the whole conference. Where's he from, the Bratislava Daily Shopper? (Difference between foreign press and U.S.: they don't wear suits.) Also: Russia calling the U.S. on private activities being monitored? That's a little hard to believe.

· Putin: "I'd like to support my American counterpart." Ahem.

· Bush makes barely intelligible joke about John King and monarchies, loose train of thought, starts thinking about raisin pudding or something, trails off.

· Bush on the press: "Nice bunch of folks." We're way off script here people. Bush: "A society is one where there's an active press corps." Yeah, one. Or maybe two.

· Putin: "I'm not the minister of propaganda." Yeah, that's a totally different cabinet position.

· Afterwards, anchors are left to find news from this event, yet are utterly unable.


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