Bush Stays On Vacation, Spits On Gerald Ford's Legacy

At least Ford looks alert & aware in this recent photo. - WonketteHow does the mind of George W. Bush or whoever actually runs the government work? We don't know, and we know even less as the years go by. But surely there are clues in Bush's strange, rude, anti-business and generally weird yet elitist response to the death of the man who helped put the Bushes in power:

* Declares Tuesday a "national day of mourning."

* As Tuesday is the first day of work in 2007, he excuses federal government employees from actually working -- it's a 4.5 day weekend. We might as well start speaking French now.

* But non-government employees still have to go to work, hungover and depressed about everything and completely unaware that the nation's temp-worker president died at the ripe old age of 93.

* Bush and his people already have all the money, so it's no big deal to force the markets to "partially close" on their first day of trading in the New Year.

* Better still, Bush himself will not cut short his precious 200th day of vacation by actually leaving his Crawford estate and paying tribute to Gerald Ford on Saturday night when the pretend president's body is rolled into the Rotunda.

President Declares Tuesday A National Day of Mourning [Washington Post]


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