Bush Takes Stand-Up Comedy Routine to Freedom House

freedom%20house%20logo.JPGWe just finished watching President Bush's speech at Freedom House. We're not surprised that he accepted their invitation -- how could he not? It would be like Alberto Gonzales refusing to stop by Justice Hut. These days, every third word out of Bush's mouth is either "free" or "freedom."

The speech was pretty standard-issue. Did you know that girls can go to school now in Afghanistan and Iraq? But the Q-and-A session was more interesting. Once again, the relaxed, joking Bush of recent days was on display. The president referred to one question as raising the "topic du jour," pronouncing "du jour" in an exaggerated, Frenchified manner. He then quipped, in self-congratulatory fashion:"Pretty fancy, huh?"

Near the end of his appearance, President Bush said that he had to depart for another meeting: "I'm going to see the President of Mexico." Pause. "You know, Cancun. But no Speedo suit here -- thankfully!"

(The president is pretty fit; he wouldn't look that bad in a Speedo. But Dick Cheney, that's another story.)


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