Bush Tells Conciliatory Lie To Harry Reid

Littlest Yalie - WonketteEven in the midst of a seemingly polite meeting with the new Senate leadership, Bush couldn't help telling a pointless lie. Gesturing to Harry Reid, Bush says: "Heh, we're both from out West. He's from Nevada, I'm from West Texas."

THIS IS A DIRTY LIE AND WE ARE TIRED OF HEARING IT. We explain, again, after the jump.

George Walker Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut. And it wasn't an accident. His parents lived there, due to his dad being a student at Yale. And it's not real shock that George Herbert Walker Bush would attend Yale, since he's a rich New England yankee who was born in Massachusetts.

For his formative first three years, Li'l Dubya lived in Connecticut. For another 10 years, he was schooled in New England (Andover, Yale, Harvard). Summers and holidays were all spent at Kennebunkport, Maine.

Not "from West Texas" in any way.

But thank you, Mr. President, for correctly pronouncing "Nevada," finally. You yankees rarely get it right.

Incoming Senate leaders next on Bush's calendar [CNN]


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