Bush To Be Person Of Year, Sun To Rise In East

No Fucking Way, Really? Bush?Amazing! President Bush and evil genius Karl Rove are "all but a lock" for Time Person of the Year! We can only imagine the agonizing debates going on in Time newsrooms up and down the East Coast: "Let's see... it could be Bush or, um, BUSH! Shit. Rove? Bush *or* Rove? Damn. BUSH AND ROVE! .... Or bloggers. Could go with bloggers." We just hope they manage to settle on someone by Sunday, when this big announcement is coming.

Really, can we be serious for just a minute? Is there any chance that anyone other than Bush and Rove is going to get this award? Was there ever any chance? No, of course not. So put away all your contests and your silly speculation about other candidates. And whoever at Time leaked this to Drudge, come on. We know the issue's already gone to press...

Flash: Time Mag Editors Focus On Bush [Drudge Report]


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