Bush to Gays: You May Live

Elisabeth "Khrushchev" Bumiller has a real scoop today: George Bush does not hate the gays. In fact, some of his best friends are gay. Well, actually, some of his friends are gay. And he's "quite comfortable" with them. Wait. . . Uh, upon closer reading, it appears that Bush simply has some gay acquaintances. But he is very polite to them. Says one transsexual-type individual (sort of like gay!) who has met Bush: "He leaned forward and gave me a little sort of smile." There you go. If we may be so bold as to borrow a phrasing from Mel Gibson's Diane Sawyer interview, Bush clearly does not want to lynch the gays. We bet he even prays for them. You know, hate the sin, pass legislation to make the sinner a second-class citizen.

On Gay Marriage, Bush May Have Said All He's Going To [NYT]


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