Bush to Press: "I Told You -- NO WIRE HANGERS!"

bush georgiaFrom a White House press conference yesterday:

    PRESIDENT BUSH: Here's what we're going to do. I will make a statement. [Georgian President Saakashvili] will make a statement. I will then call upon an American correspondent to ask a question. The President will call upon a Georgian correspondent. We'll have two questions per side.


    PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you. Hold on for a second. Deb, we're going to --

    Q What do you think about --

    PRESIDENT BUSH: Hold on. Will somebody translate --


You thought we were going to make a "Bush is dumb" joke here, didn't you? But it would really be too easy. Besides, there's a ban them here at Wonkette. (Mmmm. . . forbidden "Bush is dumb" joke. . .) Besides, it's not like he didn't really understand:

    PRESIDENT BUSH: I understand. I understand.

See? He's not dumb, he's just really organized:

    PRESIDENT BUSH: Hold on for a second. The way this is going to work is this.

    Q I'm from Georgia.

    PRESIDENT BUSH: I know you are, excuse me. We're going to start with the American press, and then there will be a Georgian press, and then there will be an American press, and then there will be a Georgian press. That's the best way to maintain order.

President Bush: Hall Monitor-in-Chief.

President Bush Welcomes Georgian President Saakashvili to White House [WhiteHouse.gov]


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