Bush: Two More Exciting Years of Grueling Victory in Iraq!

bushgrab.jpg"We're not leaving while I'm the president."

On the plus side, the Federal Government will still keep its distance from the ongoing quagmire that is New Orleans.

Update: "I'm gonna stay outta Connecticut." Apparently, it's more of a lost cause than Basra.

Also claims to be only Presidential candidate not to carry state he was born in -- Al Gore shooting a television somewhere. A fuel cell-powered television. Bush is crazy intense, says we won't leave before "job is done" in Iraq. Bush clearly not very confident in his ability to finish said job before 2009. His advice to candidates is to talk about taxes. Not, for some reason, his Iraq victory plan.

Update 2: We're turning in our Presidential Losers Trivia Badge -- Al Gore was born, of course, here in Washington DC. And everyone knows Washington DC doesn't get to vote.


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