After the 9/11 (TM) attacks, while Rumsfeld and Cheney were arguing over which brown people to blow up first, the Bush Administration ordered some propaganda magazines produced and distributed in the Muslim Lands, so Our Enemies could see how rad we were, in the Land of Freedom. Writers and editors and designers were hired to put together Norman Rockwell photographic scenes of Americans eating hamburgers and watching teevee or whatever, but in one image showing some Americans allegedly participating in the long-dead hobby of "hiking somewhere, maybe the Grand Canyon or whatever," eagle-eyed Bush Administration hacks found something terribly objectionable to the cause of Liberty.

A guy who worked on the real pro-American America magazine wrote this in his new book about stock trading or whatever:

But during one review meeting, held before a star chamber of 10 high-level State Department officials, the co-leader specifically took offense to a photograph from a classic Western scene: campers and pack mules heading out on a rugged weekend expedition.

.... She held up the offending photo, as wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting, and pointed to a pack mule that, by other names, might be known as a donkey. This has to go, she said. Too pro-Democrat. And out it went.

Never forget just how petty and evil these people were. Never forget. [Daily Beast]


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