Bush White House Run by Shiny TeeVee People?

Yes, like everyone else in yon blogosphere, we are reeling from the blockbuster revelation in Dick Keil's Bloomberg dispatch on the Rove-a-Dope scandal:

Rove, 55, says that Cooper called him to talk about welfare reform and the Wilson connection was mentioned later, in passing.

Cooper wrote in Time magazine last week that he told the grand jury he never discussed welfare reform with Rove in that call.

We kid. Keil has sources close to the investigation reporting that Cheney aide Scooter Libby fingered Tim Russert as the guy who made the fateful Plame name known to him; while attesting that Karl Rove did indeed tell the grand jury that Bob Novak spilled Plame's name to him.

So in all seriousness, let us ask: WTF? Senior administration officials rely on televisual pundits for sensitive intelligence information? How long until the horrible truth becomes known: That Paul Wolfowitz assembled the whole case for invading Iraq after a drunken night out with Kelly Ripa?

Rove, Libby Accounts of CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters [Bloomberg]


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