Bush Will Be President Forever

Probably not. - WonketteRemember how the "Day of Resistance" shut down Washington and paralyzed dozens of U.S. cities and ended the Iraq War? Well, get ready for for Impeachment Rallies From Coast To Coast!

Nothing like marching around in the cold with nine other hippies two weeks before Christmas on Football Day.

There are exciting events going down all over the country, and we've got the complete list. Cindy Sheehan? She'll be there! Discussion forums? There are dozens! Film viewings? You bet! Letter writing and street theater? Fuck yeah! Laugh with us and at them, after the jump.

Look, we'd like to see Bush and Cheney tried, convicted and executed as much as any American, but "Human Rights 'carolers' in Orange Jump Suits" is just stupid. We'll take you people seriously when you get some guns.

* New York, NY, (Dec. 9th) with Elizabeth Holtzman, Cindy Sheehan, Bob Fertik;

* Santa Barbara, CA, with Ann Wright, David Swanson, Rae Abileah, Elizabeth De la Vega, Dennis Loo, Geoff Millard;

* San Francisco, CA, Under the spot where the UN signed its charter 60 years ago, with Larry Everest, Peter Phillips, musicians, and Human Rights "carolers" in Orange Jump Suits;

* San Francisco, CA, Human bodies spelling out word "Impeach!" on the beach;

* Los Angeles, CA, an Impeachment Workshop providing materials for people to become media/street heat activists on the topic of Impeachment;

* San Fernando Valley, CA, with Paul Koretz; Elizabeth de la Vega; Dennis Loo, David Swanson;

* Chula Vista, CA, with Jeeni Criscenzo;

* Long Beach, CA, Discussion;

* Eugene, OR, Panel Discussion;

* Yachats, OR, Discussion;

* Portland, OR, Parade, Performance, Meeting;

* Seattle, WA, Rally;

* Walla Walla, WA, Rally;

* Friday Harbo! r, WA, (Dec. 1st) Rally;

* Anacortes, WA, Vigil;

* Eastsound, WA, Teach-In;

* Price, UT, Discussion;

* Fort Collins, CO, Street Theater;

* Taos, NM, with Keith McHenry, Lisa Law;

* Las Cruces, NM, Discussion;

* Norman, OK, Letter-Writing;

* Marshall, TX, Flyering;

* Eden Prairie, MN, Rally and Demonstration;

* Kalona, IA, Meeting;

* Madison, WI, Rally and March;

* Paragould, AR, Demonstration;

* Chicago, IL, Rally: bring signs and banners;

* Nashville, TN, Town Hall Forum;

* Kalamazoo, MI, Poetry, video, forum, demonstration;

* Detroit, MI, Demonstration,

* Lakwood, OH, Film Viewing, Discussion;

* Newark, OH, Public Reading of Constitution;

* Athens, GA, Discussion;

* Atlanta, GA, Discussion;

* Tallahassee, FL, Rally for War Crimes Trials with speakers, petitions, and fact sheets;

* Gainesville, FL, Impeach, Indict, Imprison! event;

* Jacksonville, FL, Rally to demand impeachment of Bush and Cheney;

* St. Petersburg, FL, Forum;

* Tampa, FL, Demonst! ration;

* State College, PA, Rally;

* Washington, DC, panel-led disc ussion and multi-media presentation, with Bush Chain Gang, with Steve Cobble, Debra Sweet, Tim Carpenter, Rostam Pourzal;

* Washington, DC, (Dec. 4th) forum with Cynthia McKinney, Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern;

* Wayne, NJ, Why New Jersey Must Impeach the Bush Gang;

* Voorhees, NJ, Film Viewing and Discussion, With Dave Lindorff;

* Brooklyn, NY, Musical Celebration with Yikes McGee, George Mann, Julius Margolin, Alec Duffy;

* New York, NY, with Cindy Sheehan, John Nichols, Sunsara Taylor, Carolyn Ho;

* New Haven, CT, Funeral for the Constitution;

* Providence, RI, Rally and March;

* Cambridge, MA, forum with notable musicians, activists, and orators;

* Hyannis, MA, Protest;

* Acton, MA, Meeting;

* Randolph, VT, Meeting.

Impeach Bush and Cheney Now! [After Downing Street]


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