Bush Would Be Popular If Not For Secular Hollywood & Your Father

Someone we've never heard of was on the Bill O'Reilly program last night, and they talked about the most important issue facing America today: What would make anyone hate the lovable George W. Bush? Bill and his lesbian guest came up with the following intriguing answers:

* "These are people who look at the president in a way as like a father figure. That they are projecting their issues that are unresolved in their past onto the stranger."

* "It is based in paranoia. You heard it with Bill Maher."

* "And I think people like Danny DeVito and Bill Maher are envious of the president. And they remind him of their father perhaps. And they resent that."

* "However, I think it has to do with his religious beliefs. Bill Maher is a very anti-religious person. And I think Hollywood, a secular community."

* "Bush comes in with a, quote/unquote, "faith based" approach, and right off the bat they hate him."

* "George W. Bush is being attacked and being called names and being hated for a policy with which you can disagree. Bill Clinton's behavior, what he was being chastised for, was personal behavior that did destroy people's lives. And in fact, almost destroyed this nation, with him being distracted from the nation's business."

Let's see, Bill Clinton was impeached for not announcing to the nation that he was fooling around with a fat gal, and George W. Bush has actually destroyed several countries and personally ordered the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

Clearly, 72% of Americans have issues with their dads ... and Jesus. Thanks, O'Reilly!

Bill O'Reilly and Tammy Bruce Analyze Hollywood's Hatred For President Bush [NewsBusters]


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