Bushes Throw Birthday Bash For Pope, But He's Not Coming!

Booble head.The White House is throwing a big fancy special Pope dinner on Wednesday, complete with German Pope food and German birthday cake for "Benedict XVI," who turns 81 years old that night. But vindictive old pope Joseph Ratzinger refuses to show up, even though he'll be a few blocks away in Washington that very evening!

But the crafty old bobble-headed Bavarian will show up for some "ceremony" on the White House lawn that morning, and then meet with George W. Bush in the Oval Office for some reason. Some 9,000 local pope fanatics are expected to mob the White House Lawn for the photo op. Catholics just can't get enough of the funny old fellow!

That night, however, Ratzinger will shun George and Laura. Instead of paying proper respects to the American President, "Ratzi" will be partying with Catholic bishops at "a university in Washington." You get one guess which university.

You'd think with all George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush did for Nazi Germany, the pope would show a little more respect.

Pope a No-Show at White House Dinner [Seattle Times]


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