Bushies Loving Bushies

As we approach the closing deadline for the Wonkette/Boi From Troy Might as Well Be Lezzie Poll, a tipster has passed on some early exit poll returns. (Hope Campaign Desk doesn't get mad!) So far, it's really close race, which should make it hotter somehow, but these girls make our bi-curiosity go all bi-stay-away-from-me.

Ann Coulter 28.5%

Karen Hughes 26.6%

Condoleeza Rice 22.8%

Lynne Cheney 17.6%

Gayle Norton 3%

Other 1.5%

Polls close at 3PM EST. Now, tell us who seems like she should be licking bush as well as liking him!

Wonkette/Boi From Troy Might as Well Be Lezzie Poll [Wonkette]

The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie: A Clarification [Wonkette]


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