Bushisms: Our Leg to Stand On

UPDATE: About that Bushism, the one where he declares, "I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein". . . We're received quite a bit of mail from people who claim not to "get" the joke or even that they are "offended" by it. "What's funny about this?" they ask. Well, duh: Cripples are hilarious! Haven't you people ever seen a pirate movie?

No, no. We get it. Bush was making a reference to how great it is that this man has a hand to shake, despite having his real hand lopped off by Saddam. And, yes, we -- and Slate and Dana Milbank -- took the quote out of context in way that made it easy to get a cheap laugh at the expense a president who, let's face it, provides a myriad of other targets for less offensive swipes. But if we're going to ban making fun of poor word choices, then Wonkette will have nothing left to mock but Kerry's gigantic penis, and that seems unfair.

Now, if the penis were prosthetic. . .

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