Bush's Bold Plans To Exterminate Bald Eagle

Smoke gets in your eyes ... - WonketteBecause it's important to destroy the symbols of liberty, too, the White House will formally remove America's Magical Bird -- the majestic fish-eating Bald Eagle -- from the Endangered Species list next month.

But this is one of those rare situations in which the Bush Administration isn't really to blame and the change is actually for the good, not bad. Hooray! While it's hard to even remember back when the United States was a rich and powerful country beloved by the world, it was only seven years ago when our prosperous, peaceful America happily realized the bald eagle had recovered magnificently from near extinction.

The eagles are plentiful now, but Washington is still mourning the loss of Martha, the famous Wilson Bridge bald eagle named for Rep. John Murtha. Government forces euthanized the loyal bird in October.

Bald Eagle to Be Taken Off Endangered List [Washington Post]

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