Bush's Digits

what_fingerThanks so much to the kajillion people who sent us the link to the livejournal.com post about Bush flipping off a young protester. Great story! But we have examined the photographic evidence -- and it is inconclusive. Which leaves us with eyewitness "testimony": "A ponytailed man standing next to us confirmed the event, saying, 'I do believe the President of the U.S. just gave you boys the finger.'"

Now, this level of sourcing ("A ponytailed man"? He probably missed the whole thing when he bent over to retrieve his hackysack.) may be good enough for the Washington Post (who ran the item in Dan Froomkin's online column today), but here at Wonkette, we have standards.

Also, we fucking hate hippies.

The single greatest event of my life. [Jiveturky @ Livejournal]

Did Bush Do a (Silent) Cheney? [WP]


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