Bush's Digits: Enhanced Photographic Evidence

Yesterday, we expressed some doubt as to whether President Bush gave the finger to some local Pennsylvania boys, as claimed by a livejournal.com blog. While we would love to believe the worst about George Bush, the filmsy photographic evidence for this bird-flipping makes "Fahrenheit 9/11" look like a documentary. This morning we received the following "enhanced" version of the photo (click to enlarge -- as though that helps.):


Ya-huh. Our digital darkroom hobbyist says that in addition to proving W's middle digit was extended, this pixel-pushing prompted another revelation: "After staring at it for a while I'm fairly convinced that Rep. Pat Toomey (R-PA) was actually driving the bus." Sure. As for us, well, after staring at it for awhile we're fairly convinced that Oswald acted alone.

Bush's Digits [Wonkette]


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