Bush's Pick Doesn't Clear Her Brush

bushbrushclearing.jpgWhat kind of Christ Love is it that lets a lawn go to hell? Harriet Miers made Dallas clear the overgrown grass on a number of vacant lots she owns in the city, and then was sluggish in her reimbursement payments. Ergo, a tax lien or ten. And the burnished idol of schoolmarmy perfection comes crashing down, for she hath sinned, according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

City records show that the city's costs usually were reimbursed within months of the liens being put on the lots. But one 1997 lien was not paid off until 2002, two months after the city turned over the debt to a collection agency.

Lewis Simpson, 64, who lives nearby, said he could not recall anyone cutting the grass before this year. Now, he said, "a guy comes out about every two weeks with a tractor. He started coming out about six months ago."

Just when Sandra Day's hourly systolic blood pressure readings began getting slipped under the White House counsel's door.

Miers' troubles with tax liens... [SF Chronicle]


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