'But He Called Me Names First!'

'Esta undecision me molesta!' - WonkettePssst, Hugo: Never apologize, never explain. That's from a book, too!

El Chavo, you need to lay low for a while. Because Cheney's going to kill you? No, that would be too obvious even for this White House. (They'll kill you in a few months.)

Do you want to be some capitalist short-attention-span flavor of the week, or do you want a long enduring career like Bob Dylan or Fidel Castro or Noam "I'm sorta alive" Chomsky? If it's the latter, then please stop explaining the whole devil thing. Yes, we realize Bush started it. Yes, he called you a drug dealer and a tyrant and a "big fag." But you got him back. Quit giving interviews about it.

Chavez: "Bush Has Called Me Worse Things" [Time]


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