* The Feds are making a pretty hilarious mockery of Massachusetts political correctness. Now which candidate translates into Cream of Sum Yung Guy? Ha ha ha. [ABC]

* Aww, maaan ... and things were going so well. [Wizbang]

* Nowadays people don't even wait to be president before they start breaking the law. [Election Central]

* Blues is the devil's music, after all. [Redstate]

* Even though they thwarted evil, UK authorities have still done their damndest to coddle terrorists. [LGF]

* Those greedy chamber of commerce people always want to trump our "racism" with their "economics." [Right Wing News]

* How about we apply some crazy Supreme Court logic on the issue of race to something else: If you're a candidate for president, you cannot be president. Wait. [Huff Po]

* Hilary might have to find some other way to become president that doesn't involve winning an election. [Political Wire]


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