But Is There A Subset of The Note That Can, Uhm...Write?

thenote_branding_t.jpgOn any other day, we'd be applauding The Note for contributing something strained and unintelligible to our discourse. Something like this superlative disaster:

"Only a subset of the Gang knows that the pro-domestic surveillance talking point (picked up by the Journal) that the program is ok because there is "public opinion in support" is a ticking boomerang of a time bomb."

Yeah! Ticking boomerangs! Outback time bombs! Do they explode in flight or after they've boomeranged back to the sender? Who knows? Who cares? Just don't let al-Zawahiri get his hands on a cache of these bad boys! Then our shit in Iraq would really be bananas!

Sadly, thanks to Adele Fergusen, today is not like any other day.

Poor Note, even when they play to lose they can't win!

The Note: Touching a Nerve [The Note]

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