But the 'Sweets & Flowers' Are Hidden Inside Car Bombs ...

Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair - WonketteIf you were worried that even neocons seem to have lately discovered shame and regret, we'll always have alternative-reality propagandist Amir Taheri and his endless supply of hysterical bullshit about Iran and Iraq and whatever other country they're going to blow up next. Witness the tragicomic incoherent beauty of Taheri's column in today's NY Post:

Some 70 percent of Baghdad's violence is concentrated in five neighborhoods, where both Shiites and Sunnis have been the targets of rival death squads for months. Other Baghdadis say the population of those areas will greet the American troops with sweets and flowers.
What?! Not even Dick Cheney in campaign mode has peddled this ridiculous lie for years. Oh well, what do you expect from the propagandist who made up an entire "Iran makes the Jews wear yellow badges and homosexuals wear blue hat" story that the National Post put on the front page?

Bamboozler: They'll Welcome Us with Flowers THIS Time [TPM Muckraker]


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