But What Do Homosexuals Think About SF Mayor's Affair?

Watch out! He'll fuck all y'all's wives! - Wonkette

Approximately 1,200 Wonkette readers sent us angry e-mails about our lack of Gavin Newsom coverage. Who's Gavin Newsom? See, that's why we ignored this story. Nobody outside of San Francisco knows or cares about Gavin Newsom -- that's because he's the mayor of San Francisco. His scandal is dull, too: single man has heterosexual affair with colleague's wife. Yes, he is a crappy friend, but he's a politician so he doesn't have real friends, anyway.

We reluctantly mention the minor gossip only because there's a gay angle, and that's always fun. Newsom had the affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk (an incredible porn name) who was also his secretary at one point, so obviously he was sleeping with her. Then Ruby Rippey-Tourk became some sort of gay-media magnate, because she is also a "fag hag." And she revealed the affair because that's something you're supposed to do in drug rehab. It's too bad Newsom's political career is now over. He could've provided some amusement on the national stage. Oh well, who cares?

Newsom offers apology in wake of affair [Bay Area Reporter]


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