But What Do Wingnuts Think About Michael Steele's Personal Love of Abortion?


That Michael Steele, he reallyis modernizing the Republican Party! You ladies want an abortion? That's "hip hop" with him! Gays? Hey, not their fault! Rush Limbaugh? Well he's an ugly clown, but of course Mike is sorry for saying the truth, whoops! Websites? Let's make them functional! In other words Michael Steele is another Maryland liberal, just as wishy-washy as any Eastern Seaboard cocktail-party Democrat. Some Republicans seem to be very unhappy about him, on the Internet. They're even throwing out Woody Allen references!

  • "In 1983, Woody Allen made the mockumentary film Zelig about a man who longs for approval so badly that he changes to fit the people who are surrounding him. The movie may as well have been written about Michael Steele, who continues to tie himself in knots as part of his effort to reach out to moderates." [American Spectator]
  • "For obvious racial reasons, parallels between President Barack Obama and Steele have been drawn many a time. A more honest depiction, perhaps, would be to that of his loquacious side kick, the wordiest man in Washington -- Vice President Joe Biden." [Red State]
  • "I'm done. Michael Steele cannot lead the Republican Party. I don't want a leader who attacks conservative leaders. I don't want a leader who smiles and agrees when Republicans are called Nazis. I don't want a leader who waffles on abortion every time he's asked about it. That's not good enough. If this party wants the support of pro-lifers then Michael Steele must go." [Free Republic]
  • "He also may have voted for Jimmy Carter." [K-Lo]

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