We are slightly ashamed to admit that a good deal of the last two hours was spent watching the PandaCam. What's more, Butterstick was sleeping during most of it. There is truly nothing that can be done that this baby panda cannot make cuter. We're guessing he craps cute. With a little contented smile on his face. It would appear to be almost impossible to make the 'Stick anything but cute, except somehow the National Zoo has managed:


Sure, replace Butterstick with his "real" name and you're already lowering expectations, but, wow. That's some seriously ugly panda wear. And Butterstick has been so good to them. This shirt sort of reminds us about all the animals that died and stuff.

Reminder: The cute shirts, with rightful name, are available here. A more important reminder: That panda is friggin' adorable.

Tai Shan Welcome: Child T-shirt [FONZ]

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