Butterstick: Fresh Intelligence

20051121-008JC.jpgOnly time will tell if our network of Butterstick-based informants builds up a track record that puts Ahmed Chalabi to shame, but we wanted to relate how Butterstick viewing is evolving now that his holiness is taking his message outside. To wit, Dan Rinzel, working the Stick beat while other reporters can only beat their stick, offers insight:

Those still holding the now infamous "timed tickets" (FONZ

members-only time slots, or "General Public") might as well flush them

down the crapper now that Butterstick is yard-certified.

If you have an early morning ticket (before 11), chances are (in good weather) he'll be out in the mama enclosure, where you can glimpse him from one of two vantage points - the panda cafe (be prepared to stand on picnic tables and/or shoot photos through a wire mesh), or the walkway in "front" of both enclosures. In either case, your ticket won't mean diddly bupkus, as neither area is metered for attendance. On the bright side, you won't be hustled off after ten minutes, either.

If you have a mid-day ticket, according to Zoo staff I spoke with on Saturday, chances are that the stick will be sleeping off his morning ramble...The best bet is to hope for a rainy morning, if you want an 'up close through the glass' visit.

Everyone making their pilgrimmage in the coming weeks should add this info to your gameplan.

And, speaking of having no game, we remind that today is the last day to respond to our "Seriously, Su Lin Can Suck Our Ass" query.


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