Butterstick Goes Wild!

Stickygoodness.jpgWhile Wonkette partied their way through a long Friday night, there was much discussion of that cuddly cutie-pie that fills the gaping hole in our heart that's chewed out daily by cynicism. We speak, of course, of the Stick, and we will not stop speaking of the Stick until the day of his birth -- Stickmas -- is a Federal holiday. There is, by the way, a growing fifth column already plotting to thwart the dastardly plan to take Butterstick to China, with talk of human shields and prank calls. Ground zero of the plan to save the Stick could be right here.

Today, the folks at the National Zoo describe Butterstick as a "wild child." He's chewing shoelaces, playing in his water bowl, and he isn't taking any crap from moms: "He grabs a mouthful of her hair along with the skin, and pulls and chews relentlessly." That sentence sounds like it's straight out of one of the Steinbuch v. Cutler depositions!

Elsewhere in the panda enclosure, Tian Tian is going bananas as well:

Tian Tian managed to get honey on himself from one of his enrichment activities. This event was followed by a roll in the dirt. What a dirty panda! Tian continues to restlessly wander his enclosures and scent mark. His body is preparing him for the spring breeding season, and Mei Xiang is unavailable this year. Between Tian Tian and Tai Shan, we have loads of material for a "Bad Panda" movie.

Indeed: what a dirty, dirty panda Tian Tian is? Still, we're a little uncomfortable with the way the last two sentences are juxtaposed...it makes it sound like father and son are going to go out wilding if mom isn't around to get boned.


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