Butterstick's Big Day Out

butterstick_mandarin.gifDon't think we're not excited at the news that Butterstick emerged from the panda enclosure for the very first time today, at long last taking his message of the true meaning of Stickmas to the streets! He drank from a puddle, licked some ice, and "maneuver[ed] bamboo like a little adult." Let us hail his emergence and lose ourselves in the Talmudic pondering of his ways!

Still, Butterstick's first trip to the out of doors, away from the watchful eyes of the pandacam, didn't please everyone. As one emailer to the National Zoo put it:

I am hurt that you folks taking care of the Panda Cub at the National Zoo did not have the decency to at least inform the Panda-Cam watchers that the Cub might be allowed out into the yard so we could keep an eye out for his first possible wandering on the internet...Your zoo has also treated the cubs faithful followers similarly when you folks refuse to give us a heads up about the cubs press conferences so we can tune in or Tivo the shows he is most likely to be featured on.

There are times when we almost regret turning the little guys life into a religion. Almost. Now, excuse us as we reset our Tivo. Pnda press conferences? Say it with me: Cutest pool reports EVER!

December 21: Tai's Big Non-Event [National Zoo]


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