Buy A Calendar Of Hot Pin-Up Model Sarah Palin

Buy A Calendar Of Hot Pin-Up Model Sarah Palin

Listen up, PAGANS. If you have already bought your mom another embroidered LL Bean sweater and your dad another set of drills and your sister another, fuck it,another pumpkin pie-scented candle, then the only person left on your Xmas Holiday Shopping List is probably the oxycontin addicted eunuch who lives in your basement listening to Michael Savage and forwarding emails about Barack Obama's birth certificate. Jesus has invented a gift for these losers! It's a Sarah Palin calendar, specially equipped with pre-drilled bonin' holes.

Sadly, it probably does not contain the terrible Photoshop of the governor in a bikini, and it probably doesn't have the nude painting by that Chicago guy, either. But it does have photos of Sarah Palin holding a gun, so your average Republican neckbearded douchewad with a mommy complex can still have something to pretend to masturbate to while he watches Teletubbies.

Sarah Palin Calendar 2009 -- Judy Patrick Photography


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