Buy Barbara Bush's Phone!

Last week, "mercado libre," the Argentinian eBay, featured a quickly-removed auction for Barbara Bush's stolen cell phone. The auction started at 1,000 pesos, and the seller jokingly declared that the phone would be delivered to the winner by Osama bin Laden himself.

Though no proof of authenticity was provided, the partial list of numbers to be found on the stolen phone leave no doubt in our mind that it's the genuine article:

The White House, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, the IMF, and personalities like Michael Jackson, grandfather George H. W. Bush, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne and much more.

There is no word yet on whether the phone, like the stolen Sidekick of Bush BFF Paris Hilton, is full of dirty photos of America's Sweethearts -- and as the gentleman who found the device has probably been disappeared by now, we may never know.

Ofrecen en Internet el celular robado a Barbara Bush [Terra]

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