Buy Duke Cunningham's Ill-Gotten Furniture

dukeauction.jpgA small sample of Duke's crap -- his apartment must've looked like an Opium Den..

We linked last night to the AP story on the upcoming auction of Duke Cunningham's loot. While the article mentioned that "anyone but Cunningham can bid," it failed to provide more specific details as to how you, the little guy, may get your piece of the spoils, and forever own a souvenir of the Age of the Lobbying Scandal. We are here to rectify that. The Duke-Stir's riches can be yours (except the really good shit, which he pawned right before the hammer came down) -- and there's still time to register, folks.

The Treasury Department's March 23 Public Auction in L.A. looks to be a fun one (there's a helicopter for sale! Not Duke's, but still -- sweet!). Peruse the catalog. If you're in the neighborhood, pick us up one of the armoires.

Public Auction in Los Angeles [Treasury]

Ex-Congressman's Loot to be Auctioned [AP via Yahoo]


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