"Buy Lego"? That's What Passes for Solidarity These Days?

hitchens.jpgHey guys! Get the plastic cups and glass pipes, Christopher Hitchens is throwin' a bitchin' party at the Danish Embassy!

We sent him an email (comments invites, natch), and received this auto-response:

Please be outside the Embassy of Denmark, 3200 Whitehaven Street (off Massachusetts Avenue) between noon and 1 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 24. Quietness and calm are the necessities, plus cheerful conversation. Danish flags are good, or posters reading "Stand By Denmark" and any variation on this theme (such as "Buy Carlsberg/ Havarti/ Lego") The response has been astonishing and I know that the Danes are appreciative. But they are an embassy and thus do not of course endorse or comment on any demonstration.

Yeah! That'll show those Islamofascists! When we converge on embassies, we do it with cheerful conversation and cheeky slogans, not with blowin' shit up!

Readers, we beg you, we implore you: please go to this. Please go, and please send us pictures and reports. Bored Slate readers, unemployed all-purpose contrarians, drink-soaked former-Trotskyist popinjays (Update: And Andrew Sullivan!)... it'll be the DC social event of the season.

Stand Up for Denmark! [Slate]


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