Buy the Piece of History That Owns the Electoral Process!

It's not what we'd want to be remembered by, but still: eBay is auctioning off what appears to be a copy of the historic 2000 Bush v. Gore Supreme Court decision signed by the Supreme Court's Chief Justice. One note of caution, though--the accompanying text repeatedly attributes the provenence of this item to one "William Reinquist" who for all we know was the chief justice of Freedonia:

Chief Justice William Reinquist was kind enough to have hand signed the complete and historic George W. Bush v. Albert Gore decision of the Supreme Court and mail this to me personally. The winner of this auction will get both the hand signed, historic decision and the original envelope which is Justice Reinquist's personal envelope sent directly from him to me two years ago. This is an incredible, historic document and hand signed by THE person who played THE most significant role in George W. Bush's success in being 'elected' President of the United States!

And the best part? The closing disclaimer: "Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!!"

Man. We've been waiting to get our money back for, let's see, four years, nine months and counting. The auction continues for another three days--in which time it may well be possible to bid in gas-rationing stamps.

William Rehnquist Signed Bush v Gore ORIGINAL [eBay]


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