Byron York Has A Scoop!

The tinyWashington Examiner presumably paid conservative reporter and teevee panelist Byron York a lot of money to lure him away from his senior correspondent perch at National Review. Everyone wants this guy, for his talent. But even he, this Titan of Journalism, cannot wrap his head around why Barack Obama and the Democrats would try to reform the American health industry. Obviously rationales like "extending basic medical coverage to most people" or "regulating things that most countries started regulating 50 years ago" are typical liberal red herrings. The only motive that makes any sense, by default, must be the secret sadistic one, about backdoor Communism installation and stealing rich peoples' money for fun.

Summing things up in the New York Times, the liberal economics columnist David Leonhardt called Obamacare "the federal government's biggest attack on economic inequality since inequality began rising more than three decades ago."

Now they tell us. For many opponents of the new legislation, the statements confirmed a nagging suspicion that for Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress, the health fight was about more than just insurance -- that redistribution played a significant, if largely unspoken, part in the drive for national health care.

"I don't think most people, when they think of the health care bill, instantly think it's a vehicle to redistribute wealth," says pollster Scott Rasmussen. "But we do know that people overwhelmingly believe it will lead to an increase in middle class taxes, and we do know that people are concerned that it will hurt their own quality of care, so I think their gut instincts point in that direction."

Look at Byron York and the Republican pollster who pretends to be independent! Look at them agonize! This is their mindset. First came the desire to redistribute wealth. Just to redistribute it for fun. This was the foundation. But what shell of a non-issue can be used as a vehicle, to steal everyone's money, for poor people? Hmm... perhaps this "health care reform" campaign talking point. Most people know that there is nothing wrong with the Finest Health Care System In The World, so they need to be convinced. Tell them lies like, "we want to make sure that people who actually need medical coverage can obtain it," and whatever other fairy bullshit. Win their sensitive sides. Then... TAKE ALL THE MUNNIE!!!!!

Remember this scoop. Byron York is good at journalism.

[Washington Examiner]


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