C-SPAN Is Financing Terror Cell Training Camp For Tiny Pirates


  • A guy was caught selling guns from a potato chip stand in a market. It was as easy as catching a gun salesman at a potato chip stand, said police. [Washington Examiner]
  • Several area Starbucks-brand coffee shops are closing. And what's going to replace them? Probably more dumb Starbu—hrrm. [DCist]
  • You're probably improperly caring for your Zamboni, which you own "for irony," but how would you even know if not for this $90 class? [Washington Post]
  • Hey check yr Slurpee debris from yesterday's trip to a SE grocery: one of you locals is walking around with a $144 million Powerball ticket. [WTOP]
  • The C-SPAN offices have a replica of that ship that was overtaken by Somali pirates the other day, a ship that was in no way notable before it was hijacked. C-SPAN is impossibly weird. [Fishbowl DC]

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