C_R_Eature F_Eatures: Your First Weekly Sci-Blog!


Hi there, Wonketteers!

I'm Proud to be able to bring to you a New Wonkette Feature: a weekly round-up of Current Events in - SCIENCE!

Your Esteemed Editrix, Rebecca Schoenkopf, has pulled Yours Truly away from furiously carpet-bombing Wonkville with bizarre and disgusting Science Related Stories and given me the opportunity to do the same right here. Why it is that she thinks this would be a Good Thing is beyond me. I think it's got something to do with all the Smart People playing here.

As I've been given no guidance other than "Go Forth and Science Blog," I feel the need to set myself a few parameters. Let's call them Rules for Free Radicals:

  1. All of the links I post here are genuine, peer-reviewed science taken from reputable scientific news organizations. Bad Science, Pseudoscience or Republican "Sound Science" will be duly noted and held up for Savage Mockery.
  2. In the event I find a story through a "News Aggregator," I will make an effort to link to the original journal, if it's not subscription-only or too technical. I'll present the most informative story otherwise.
  3. All of my links will be Safe For Work - if Work allows you to surf the Internet looking at stars and weird animals all day long.
  4. No Ponies. No Palins. Non Negotiable (well, what you people do in the Comments section is wholly up to you).
  5. A note on Topicality: Posts are always considered Topical if I think they're Cool, they have Cephalopods, they involve Scary Stuff You Should Know, or they're Disgusting.
  6. Stories with Tentacles are Always Topical.

Well, that should be it, then. I'm sure something else will come up as this thing evolves (something always does). Shall we begin?

Submitted For Your Approval:

Finally, here's a closing number from - of course - The Scientists.

Well, that's my First Ever Wonkette Science Post! I do hope you enjoyed this because I think it's been great fun.

I have to say though, that getting the chance to Science Blog at Wonkette is like getting the chance to pornographically rearrange the store mannequins in Macy's Window: I'm just going to run all out with this until someone comes along to make me stop.

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Last week, Nicole Arteaga of Peoria, Arizona received the devastating news from her doctor that her baby's development had stopped and that pregnancy would end in a miscarriage. Given the option of either a D&C or prescription medication, she chose to go with the prescription. Then, like all normal people do when they get a prescription, she went to a pharmacy to have it filled.

Unfortunately for her, Brian Hrenuic -- the pharmacist at the Walgreens she went to -- refused to give her that prescription, because he opposed it on "moral grounds."

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When the Trump administration starting taking migrant children at the border like it was a lending library, there were concerns they'd be used as leverage against their parents. This probably was because people close to Donald Trump kept saying out loud that the intent was to use them as leverage.

Trump has since heroically stopped (somewhat) doing the cruel thing he was doing. He's now moved on to an entirely new cruel thing. The former "Apprentice" host wants to add some reality TV game show spice to the immigration dilemma: Parents caught crossing the border illegally can either remain detained with their kids in a sweltering tent city or give up custody of the child, to be cared for by a hopefully nice person and maybe someday seen again. We call it "Sophist's Choice."

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