• Carl Bernstein, who knows a great deal about a great many things, thinks Hillary is being pretty gross. [Daily Intelligencer]
  • Mitt is, "let's face it... by far the best of the three current frontrunners." [Alarming News]
  • Agreed that, to the Democrats, "bipartisanship" means "total capitulation," but we don't think we mean it the same way you do. [Redstate]
  • The once massively influential anti-war movement has been rendered powerless for the first time in recent history. [Reason]
  • Now that there are only frontrunners, Edwards isn't a frontrunner anymore. [Political Radar]
  • We've learned that if we just take any pill we can get our hands on, one of them is bound to work. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Democrats still hate the troops, by the way. [Michelle Malkin]

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