Cabinet Churn: Ashcroft, Evans Resign

John Ashcroft has resigned as Attorney General to concentrate on his singing career. Also, rounding up all those librarians got in the way of his hobby, burning books. In a statement, Bush thanked Ashcroft for his work. We can't help but notice that while Bush said, "I applaud efforts to prevent crime, vigorously enforce our civil rights laws, crack down on corporate wrongdoing, protect the rights of victims and those with disabilities, reduce crimes committed with guns, and stop human trafficking," he goes onto say merely "I appreciate his work to fight Internet pornography." Guess it's hard to applaud when you only have one hand free.

Also, Don Evans has left the administration, we're not sure from what. Whatever. Totally love his restaurants.

Ashcroft, Evans Resign, White House Says [Reuters/Yahoo]

Statement by the President, November 9, 2004 []


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