Cage Matches For Financial Miscreants

  • Jay Leno failed the entire journalistic profession by not asking followup questions, or any difficult questions at all, of the president when he visited Leno's late night entertainment variety show. [Baltimore Sun]
  • The Washington Post got to the "AIG employees are people too" story a day before the rest of them, but here's one from today's New York Times, for "balance." [New York Times]
  • The House bill taxing big bonuses at 90 percent will make its way to the Senate next week, where it will be quietly gutted or maybe just thrown out entirely. [Bloomberg]
  • Eric Holder appears to be the one person in the new Obama administration who is, number one, capable of swift action, and number two, capable of swift action that pleases the liberals who helped get his boss elected. The latest tastiness: turning back Bush-era policies that restricted the release of records to the public. [Washington Post]
  • A high school in Dallas held cage fighting matches to settle disputes between students, and some parents are upset about this. [Dallas Morning News]
  • Madagascar's new president is too young to be president, so Madagascar is no longer part of Africa. [AP]

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