California gets Budget: More seats for DNC Alternates

governatorbudget.jpgA bunch of Californian Assembly members (and State Senator Dean Florez) are bailing out of the convention and hopping on last-minute flights from Boston to Sacramento, abandoning Obamamania to vote on a compromise State Budget.

The backstory: Wonkette operatives tell us that the California Delegation to the Republican National Committee has budgeted $5 million for parties just for Californians in New York. They've reserved swanky Tavern on the Green, even though they don't know if they'll use the venue, and, try this one for taste: Planet Hollywood for the "Governor's Luncheon". Now that's class.

More backstory after the jump...

Governor Schwarzenegger is scheduled to speak at the RNC on Tuesday evening, but Democratic legislators threatened to hold California Republicans hostage in the Capitol during their convention as long as the Dems would miss their own. The Republicans don't wanna miss their fancy parties, and, as if by a miracle, a budget compromise appeared in what would give the Governator enough time to make it to New York and give his speech. That'll surely "pump up" his ego.

But the story doesn't end there...perhaps because of their faith in Big Government, we at Wonkette, along with the LA Times and SF Chronicle, bit on the Democratic petard that, if a budget agreement were made before Monday that Members would be allowed to go to the Convention. But now, Legislators are being told that it will take at least 48-72 hours to put the deal into writing...with no votes before Thursday. So when the Legislature's leadership went through all their bluster about missing the DNC late last week, it was already too late to make it to Boston on time anyway!

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