Hello friends of the West! Our polls just closed. It's time to hear Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer tell us about our new presidents of the Bear Republic of California. WHO WILL WIN???? Let's do the liveblogging, if Hillary will ever shut up over in New York City. Obama has Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Utah, Illinois, etc. Hillary got Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, etc., who cares, it's Californication Time!

11:02 PM -- Mitt Romney won all seven GOP voters in North Dakota!

11:08 PM -- No projections? WTF?

11:09 PM -- Oh great, the real contest comes now, when we're all so sleepy (or drunk).

11:11 PM -- Mitt Romney will win Minnesota. Suck it, Al Franken!

11:12 PM -- Lou Dobbs is completely orange now. He bathes in TANG.

11:12 PM -- Dobbs also appears to be high as a kite.

11:25 PM -- Back to MSNBC: Tim Russert grumbly suggests that the Obamamentum didn't work.

11:26 PM -- But is it so sad to win 10 states?

11:34 PM -- Romney is far enough behind in California to suggest that at least a few California Republicans don't want to back a complete loser.


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