California Marine Sick, Quarantine At Twentynine Palms Base


We don't have our copy ofThe Stand handy, as we probably left it on a school bus or something, in the 1980s, but let's see, Army dude sick with the Superbug, escapes a desert military base in California and infects the whole Southwest before he dies, does that sound about right? Well hooray, there's a Marine who's real sick at the Twentynine Palms Marine base, in the California desert.

The unidentified Marine is being treated and is under quarantine, and his roommate is also under quarantine, and another 37 Marines who had some contact with the sick dude, they are under a sort of semi-quarantine, and the base commander says of the sick dude, "The initial tests are that he is suspected to have the flu."

Swine Flu Fear: Marines Quarantined in Twentynine Palms [KNX 1070]


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