California Parents: Harvey Milk Molesting Children From Beyond The Grave


It isn't easy to be a concerned parent these days, with so many threats and dangers to children's purity lurking around every corner. There's Michelle Obama trying to teach kids to be healthy and not eat deep fried, bacon-wrapped potato chips with every meal. There are "doctors" and "dentists" trying to put "fluoride" in the "water" so kids don't get "cavities." (Thank the maker that menace has been defeated ... for now.) And, worst of all, there are teachers trying to gaydoctrinate children by making them worship Harvey Milk:

Some parents in California say they will be keeping their kids home from school Wednesday because teachers plan to commemorate Harvey Milk Day.

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person elected to public office in California.

Milk was elected to the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors in 1978. He is seen as a man who paved the way for future gay political leaders. Wednesday, students around the state will hear about his accomplishments.

But a group called is running radio ads in California cities calling on parents to boycott Harvey Milk Day by keeping their children home from school.

One radio ad says, "They'll be taught an agenda that attacks our family values."

Damn liberals, always trying to make kids healthy and gay! Thankfully, is teaching parents how to protect their children from all that nonsense:

Parents, realize there was NO advance parental notification of this happening or the opportunity to opt out your children. Even more, realize there was no parent permission sought, no opt-in form to sign. No, Harvey Milk sexual indoctrination, and other sexual indoctrination implemented, because of other perverse laws are being done behind parents’ backs and despite parents’ objections.

Realize that these “Gay-Straight Alliances” (GSAs are homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda clubs) are at many California public high schools (see the list). In May, they actively promoted the perverse Harvey Milk in public schools.

In addition to government schools nationwide having to permit GSA clubs (as long as any other non-curricular clubs are allowed), every California K-12 government school is under a state mandate to sexually indoctrinate children. See the list of these immoral California laws.

REALIZE, parents, realize! Other than the state of California enacting a law in 2009 -- under that librullist of liberals, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- parents had no way of knowing that there was such a thing as Harvey Milk Day and that their children would be edumacated about it in school, where their teachers would force them to do gay to each other, along with all the other "immoral" things California law now mandates:

What your child is guaranteed in California public schools

Because of bad laws, lack of pro-family laws, and politically-correct trends, here's what kids are guaranteed to receive in California public schools:

1. Homosexual-bisexual-transsexual indoctrination, without parental consent, including off-campus pro-homosexuality counseling. (Scroll down to see the laws.)

2. Pro-abortion indoctrination, "confidential” abortion referrals and off-campus "counseling", without parental consent.

3. Condom/birth control pills indoctrination and distribution without parental consent; no teaching children how to truly avoid STDs; "abstinence-only" education prohibited.

4. Anti-God, pro-evolution indoctrination.

5. Political correctness.

6. Dumbed-down academics, less academic success, on average, than private school or home school.

7. Negative socialization and peer pressure.

8. Less safety, on average, than private school.

9. Anti-Christian indoctrination; widespread rejection of religious and moral values.

10. Anti-parent sentiments.

Danger everywhere! Perhaps it would be better for concerned parents to just keep their children home every day, where they will be guaranteed a solid, no-liberal-claptrap education about how the earth is 5,000 years old, gravity is just a theory, Jesus chose America to be extra special, and the zombied arm of Harvey Milk cannot fondle them from the grave to make them gay.

[ABC News]

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