California Solves Its Prison Problem!

AP05051005094.jpgSo let's say you're running a state, California let's say, and you have a bit of a budget shortfall to the tune of $14 billion dollars. For the hell of it, let's also say that you're prison system is totally fucked, packed to the brim, bursting at the seams, etc, and also costing the state a pretty penny. You're an innovative governor, an actor or something instead of a career politician, so you're into finding innovative solutions that work for the average Californian. Is there some solution you can come up with to ease the prison burden and also save the state some cash? Hey, wait! Why not just let the prisoners out of prison?

The Associates Press has a hunch that that's exactly what Arnie plans on doing with 22,000 or so non-violent offenders who are, you know, more or less close to the end of their prison terms anyway. What did these people actually do? Not clear, but this, they estimate, will save almost $800 million in the next two years, and every little bit helps, I guess. They are still left with some $13 billion to come up with. We think they won't have problem finding the money if they close some of the more non-violent schools and maybe stop paving some of the more accident-prone roads and highways. Have any ideas for how California can save money? Let us know in the comments.

Mass Inmate Release Possible in Calif. [Associates Press]


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